Do You Want To Stop Bullying And Cyberbullying?
Bullying and cyberbullying is a worldwide epidemic that needs a revolutionary cure.

That cure requires social media, internet service providers,  cyber-safety apps/software 
producers and anti-bullying/cyberbullying trainers to work together.

My contribution to the cure is bully-proofing.

 It involves changing children's behaviour so they don't bully others and 
making them immune to bullying and cyberbullying so others can't upset them.

Here's what kids say about becoming bully-proof.
"Nasty texts saying mean things aren’t going to upset me any more. " Jack

"I can stand up for myself when other people call me names and make fun of me." Chloe

 "I can now ignore bullies who say or text bad things to me. I won’t do that to anybody else." Rheanna

"I can ignore people saying horrible things and have a happy life"  Sophie
How Do I Stop Bullying And Cyberbullying?


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3 Secrets To Stop Your Child Being Bullied Or Cyberbullied- Free Video For Parents
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Enter your details below for your FREE video Secrets
I help parents to stop their children being bullied and make them bully-proof so bullies CANNOT upset them.
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